Altogether Recruitment Limited

Striking the right balance between opportunity, skill, experience and compensation for both client and employee

Clients look for the right balance between skill and experience when searching for project-specific and time-specific human resource, while job seekers search for the right opportunity and compensation that matches their skill sets. The challenge for both employer and employee is time.

An employer seeks the right person at the right time who is willing to work at the budgeted rate, while a job seeker looks for an immediate opportunity for employment that will adequately compensate for the skills he or she has to offer.

Altogether Recruitment is the appropriate bridge where a client can access relevant database of profiles on demand; where job seekers know that they have the best chance for finding a suitable opening in their field of competence.

There is a misconception that in times of a depressed economy there are no jobs. In reality, there are always jobs but the challenge is to find the most suitable one at the time when one needs it most.

At Altogether Recruitment, our team of qualified professionals are constantly engaging with clients with whom we have strong existing relationships but we also keep adding new clients to our relationship portfolio as opportunities emerge.

This means  a database of more job openings across industry verticals and a greater chance that you will identify an opening that matches your skills and experience.

Our team is always available to suggest and advise on suitable opportunities and being a part of the Altogether Recruitment database means that you have the option to speak to one of our qualified representatives on existing or emerging opportunities.

Altogether Recruitment specializes in meeting the human resource demands in the following industries and maintain an extensive database of qualified and experienced technical, supervisory and management talent at all times:

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Cleaning
  • Security


For Job Seekers

So if you are looking for an opening in any of the above industry verticals, call us today at the given numbers or better still, Register yourself on our site and be amongst the first to get alerted on job openings as they are announced.


For Clients

All candidates go through a rigorous evaluation for skills, experience and compliance with industry standards. You are assured of qualified professionals as you need them, when you need them.

If you are a client looking to source talent from any of the above mentioned verticals you will find our database both extensive, relevant and a time-saving resource bank.

Please Register  your requirement with us and one of our qualified staff will revert immediately to further assist you identify qualified and experienced talent from our extensive database.